The Proof is in the Pudding!

"Caught 37 big gills and perch (see attached) with the Brown fish n spin, it had red sparkles Maybe it was smoke and red?" (it was)

Greg P., Ft. Wayne, IN

Earlier this summer I bought some of your 1/32oz tube spinners. I've had great success all year with them. The black head/green tail (that you personally suggested) has been the only color I've needed. I haven't even tried the other colors yet. I see a lot of your online pictures are bluegill, but I must say, this is THE BEST crappie lure I've tried.Crappie love these things. Used alone or tipped with a crappie nibble they can't resist this lure. Brian J.

"you have a great lure on your hands." Art B.

I got off work today early this afternoon and was praying my lures would be at the post office. They were! I loaded my canoe and hit the water at this 10 acre lake not too far from here. I've been limiting out on bluegills each trip but after May the algae shuts this place down. I made five casts with my beetle spin and nothing. Then with my other rod and the new lure cast in the same spot - bang - great big bluegill. Made 2nd cast - bang - big blue gill. First two casts and two beautiful fish. I fished it from then on and it is awesome. Limited out with it. I'd expected some short strikes with the longer skirt but not at all. They nailed it dead center. We're going to Black Lake in upper NY State in a couple of weeks and I'll be ordering some more this weekend to make sure we have plenty.

God bless - again - it is awesome. Feel free to use this if you like. Fred H. Phil 4: 6&7

and also from Fred H.: My pretty wife went with me this morning Mark. Used only your lures. We both limited out in about 2 hours. Beautiful Bluegills and some crappies. You have hit on a winner my friend. Am placing another order this weekend. Have a great weekend. Good fishing - God bless. The scripture you mentioned - it's my life verses. Has carried me through for many years now.."through many dangers, toils and snares.... as Amazing Grace says.

"My family really does enjoy fishing together, it makes us closer to each other and closer to God. Your lures are the best lures I have ever fished with. I have caught tons of different kinds of fish. From Large mouth Bass, to great big fat Rainbow trout. Keep making them like you are, don’t change a thing."

God bless.

Bob S., Tacoma, Wa

I am a new to freshwater fisherwoman and have not had very good luck with plastic baits or lures. No matter how hard I tried to follow advice and instructions from fishing articles and fellow anglers, I just really couldn't get the hang of lures at all. The only success I was having was using night crawlers. That is until yesterday. I put on a red Fish-N-Spin and then the fun began. For a while I caught either a yellow perch, bluegill, crappie or small size Large Mouth Bass everytime I threw the lure in the water! I was out in a kayak by myself and was laughing out loud and wishing I had someone to show what was happening. As nightfall began I changed to a black Fish-N-Spin and caught quite a few more fish. Thanks for this great lure! Georgiann B., CT

I've been using your spinners for several years and have enjoyed a lot of good fish suppers. I'm going to visit my son in Mississippi in the next few weeks,and these are what i'm takin with me. Dave W., Bloomington, IN

Received the lures today (Friday). Went fishing in a pond near my house. Started with another name brand spinner rig and my wife and daughter were using live worms. They caught a few smaller blue gills and red-ears and I caught a couple on the spinner. I then swapped over to your lure. It was the one with the small black plastic with the spider legs. On my first cast I caught a nice blue gill in the same spot the other lure was not doing so well. I continued to catch a large number of fish and large in size then the ones my wife and daughter were catching. My wife and daughter even swapped to your lures after a few more minutes. We were able to catch and release about 50 blue gills and red-ears and a few small base in about an hour and half. It was great fun to catch them on the light tackle we were using. Thanks you and I will be purchasing more in the near future.

May the Lord bless you for being one of his children and a believer.

Paul R.




STEPHEN C., Paducah, KY

From the first bass to the last crappie, and several in-between (see below)

Just a quick note to let you know we enjoyed a great fishing trip the week of 4/11/05 on Reelfoot Lake in TN! The crappie were really hitting the tube style 1/16 oz spinners when tipped with a wax/meal worm (Black w/green skirt & Red w/green skirt). My two sons & I caught over 250 fish during our three-day trip w/50+ crappie in the 1 1/2 to 2 lb range and some of the biggest bluegill we ever caught (several over a pound each)! We even landed around ten L/M Bass (three of them over three pounds) and yes, several nosey catfish as well! Given the lousy weather there that week (except for Thursday) I'd say we did very well.

This year marked our tenth trip to Reelfoot and without a doubt it was our best year overall and coincidentally, the first year we used the tube style Fish & Spin lures.

Just a quick FYI, the bluegill seemed to really like the black spider/cricket looking 1/16 little thing with the copper willow spinner, we were really catching them with it but I only had the three of them so when they were gone, so were the bluegill. We had a great time and will recommend your product to all of our fishing buddies, thanks for making a great product! Dan W., OH