The Fish-N-Spin™ with Minnow-style Body

Fish-N-Spin™ with Minnow-style body
Fish-N-Spin™ with Minnow-style body
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Product Description

This lure features the same willow leaf spinner and lead-free jighead found on our original Fish-N-Spin™, but comes with a 2" Minnow-Style Tube Body, which has already proven to be an excellent crappie lure! Available in 1/16 and 1/8 ounce sizes, it offers a larger "meal" for big crappie, and closely resembles one of their favorite foods, the minnow!

To make the bodies last longer, we recommend that you use a "dab" of super glue to attach the minnow style tube to the jighead. Be careful with that super glue, though!